Gay Bondage Porn To Appear On Finland Stamps

Finland Stamps

Could you imagine this happening in the UK (or many other countries for that matter)? Itella Posti (Finlands’ postal service) have announced the release of a new collection of stamps this coming Autumn 2014). The set will include various drawings, paintings and photographs from artists such as Urpo Martikainen and Jaakko Tahti’s. The most noteable addition however is a collection of male gay bondage drawings by Tom of Finland. The Posti website says: The autumn’s stamp series begins September 8 with Tom of Finland, who is considered one of the most well-known Finnish artists around the world. His emphatically masculine homoerotic drawings have attained iconic status in their genre and …

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The Increase Of Online Revenge Porn In The UK

Revenge Porn

According to a number of charities including The National Stalking Helpline, Women’s Aid and the UK Safer Internet Centre revenge porn is on the increase in the UK and they can only see the problem getting worse. Campaigners are calling for laws to be introduced to stop revenge porn as are available in some states of the USA. The BBC interviewed Anisha Vora whose ex-boyfriend was recently jailed for six months in New Jersey, USA after he posted sexually explicit photos of her on several websites. I went from three sites to over 200. My ex was putting my address out, my phone number I stopped going to school for …

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The Future Of Sex: Print Your Own Sex Toys

Pink Dildos

Designer sex toys are growing in popularity with brands such as We Vibe, Lelo and Fun Factory setting the stands (and prices) high for demanding consumers. But what if the next designer sex toy could be everything you wanted it to be? What if you could print it yourself? Well, you can. Three dimensional printers are a revolution in design and technology, allowing you to easily and quickly ‘print’ three dimensional image files into something you can touch. It’s like CSI, but in your home. And, to top it off, two sex toy producers have introduced three dimensional sex toy files which let you pick from hundreds of existing designs …

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The Importance Of Safe, Sane, Consensual Activities In Bondage Games

Rope Bondage

When I saw the story about the sad death of David Kochs and subsequent jail term given to Kirk Thompson it reminded me of the importance of something we recommend here at Purple Pleasures. That is the importance of Safe, Sane, Consensual Sex! To give you some background, Kirk Thompson met David Kochs online and agreed to “extreme, no limits” consensual sex. During that sex Kochs suffered burns to his private parts and internal injuries and died. Thompson then covered the body with a duvet (he said he thought that Kochs was sleeping) and invited another man into his house to have sex. Whilst tihs is a tragedy for the …

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Ukrainian Women Boycott Sex With Russian Men

Sex Boycott

We don’t really want to get into politics on this blog, but this story sort of fits in with us nicely. A facebook group has been set up entitled Don’t Give it to a Russian where a group of Ukrainian women are calling for a sex boycott with Russian men. Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few months you cannot have missed the diplomatic (and some may say military) crisis that has been escalating between The Ukraine and Russia. Well the group calls on Ukraine’s “female heros” to “fight the enemy by whatever means”. One of the orgainsers (Katerina Venzhik) spoke to The Independent and …

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What Do You Do During Sex?

What Do You Do During Sex

This may seem like a stupid question, but what do you do during sex, apart from the actual having sex bit. Well we already know from research that 20% of US 18-34 year olds have admitted to having used a smartphone during sex and that Twitter users on average have shorter relationships than non users. Well Durex has carried out further research into this and found some startling facts. 12% of people have answered their phone during sex – do they really think that a call can be so important, personally I’d be pretty pee’d off if a lover stopped everything to answer their phone. 10% of people checked a …

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Getting Started With Nipple Clamps


Nipple stimulation is a healthy part of every sex life and has been a “normal” attribute of sexual stimulation, according to the history books and art galleries, since early 1600s. A simple tweak, a light touch or a gentle lick can send even the most sensible woman into spasms of pleasure. If you’ve ever brushed past someone you fancy, or noticed that your nipples are standing to attention through your shirt – you’ll know exactly what I mean. With more creative sexual positions and the normalising of light bondage in current times, nipple clamps have been introduced as a way to stimulate nipples while freeing up your hands to do …

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The Use Of Sex Toys In Films

Attraktive junge Frau mit Filmklappe

Sex toys are used in film in a variety of ways. In today’s world there are so many STD’s and infections that can be passed around the use of sex toys has increased dramatically. In films often different types of vibrators and sex toys are used on females and males alike. For female to female contact, the vibrators are used on one another. A strap on device can be used to simulate sex with a male partner and is used on a female. Other things that can happen is using vibrators to have three way sex. One can be placed anally and the other can be on the vagina. Some …

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Miley Cyrus Tweets Revealing Sex Toy Picture


No matter what your feelings towards Miley Cyrus you have to admit she is very good at keeping in the public eye with her raunchy poses, and shocking stage performances. Who can forget that infamous dance with Robin Thicke at the MTV awards? Or how about the time she smoked cannabis live on stage at the The EMA’s claiming that she knw fans would “love” it. Well this time around on the Miley Crus publicity train sex toys get a look in. She tweeted this picture of her stroking her face with a hand shaped dildo. What I found amusing was that here fans couldn’t work out if it was …

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Solicitor Smuggles Sex Toys Into Prison

woman locked in a cage

In Oklahoma an attorney (solicitor) has been arrested (amongst other things) for allegedly smuggling sex toys into prison for use during his meetings with his client. However his client wasn’t actually his client. He had fooled her into believing he was her solicitor and when she said she couldn’t pay for his services he suggested other means of payment. Sheriff John Whetsel, with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office said: During their initial meeting, Kirk told the victim that since she didn’t have the cash to pay for his services, she could make it up by performing sexual acts instead. This went on for three months until discovered. We’ve all heard …

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