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Reward Points Explained

Points are rewarded on a product by product basis, with approximately 1 point being given for every £0.25 of a products value. The number of points awarded for any particular product may change from time to time when we have special offers available.

For every 1,000 points accumulated you earn £3.00 off your shopping. You do not need to redeem in multiples of 1,000.

The minimum points that can be redeemed are 250; the maximum points that can be redeemed are 35,000. You can redeem any number of points between these amounts.

Reward points are redeemable by the creation of a gift certificate or coupon which can be redeemed on any of our sites.

Points are only rewarded on the successful completion of an order which occurs when payment is made.

Points available from an order cannot be redeemed on that order. Points can only be redeemed on a future order.

Points will be removed from your account for any returns made.

There are no cash alternatives available for the reward points.

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the reward pointís scheme, to change the value of points and to change the number of points rewarded for a product at any time.

If a customer sets up multiple accounts and wishes for the points earned to be combined 10% of the overall number of points will be deducted.

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